Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bay of Plenty

We are having such an amazing time! Since our last post we had so many days of idillic surf, weather, clear water, jungle, monkeys and old friends! While at sundowners time, we got approached by a dinghy from a charter boat with some of Russell friends from New Zealand: Terry O'Shanessy, Andrew Mitchel, Hamish McCrostie, Chris Freeman and Mark Sharrock. Russ freaked! The boys seemed to be genuinely happy to see Russ out here, living the dream. What a blast of a time we had with those guys! Their charter skipper, Steve and his lovely Thai wife Anna, where amazingly generous having us for dinner one night. All the boys where having a great time, with plenty of coral scraps all over, but Russ had managed to escape that destiny, until yesterday... yep, good old coral tattoo for Russ the Mus. So one day of rest and pampering for the old man, but today he is ripping again. I can see him on the wave from where I am writing..oopps just got wiped out... We are in a place called by westerners "Bay of Plenty" (so much going on here - jungle, rivers, mangroves, coral, waves...) and by Indos, Teluk Mariabah. A little piece of paradise on the island of Tuangku in the Banyaks. Life is bliss.

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