Wednesday, 24 September 2008

surf,sailing,sorry motoring Sumatera

Hi Guys, sorry its been a while,our HF radio and our sailmail system on the boat is on the blink so no 'onsite' communication.Havent posted for a month as we have pretty much been in the middle of nowhere with no towns with electricity let alone internet.We are now in Gunning Sitoli in Nias about 60 miles off the coast of Sumatera.We had to drop off Mike and Adi,friends from NZ to an Airport.They had a 4 hr delay(good for Indo) as the plane overshot the runway and got stuck in the mud!We have had a great time with them,apart from lack of wind(doldrums!!!) and doing a lot of motoring we have had lots of great surf,friendly locals,good snorkelling and parties and talking lots of crap.
My surfing has moved to a new level with coaching from mike and photos from Karin.A few scars though as reef is close and sharp as hell.
As always photos tell a thousand words so when we are in a place where internet is slightly quicker than the stone wheel you will see the paradise we have found.Only 9 private cruising boats on this coast of Sumatera all season.
We will start to make our way back up the west coast to Banda Aceh now and be back in Penang/Langkawi Malaysia by Early november.
If you read this please spend a minute to drop us a note on
out of everything ,hardest part is missing everyone at home           cheers  Russ

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