Thursday, 27 November 2008

Back in Malaysia

After a hurried but efficient re-lauching, we have put the new propellers to test and they ROCK! Obviously we still have a bit more testing to do, but Russ believes we got an extra 1.5 knots of boat speed. We increased the pitch on the propeller from 20 to 23 degrees which puts a bit more strain on the engine but it has plenty of extra power for that. So far so good.

Russ is now taking a well deserved rest, especially his back which got a canning during his time in Satun. Tomorrow we are back on track, taking measurements on Endless Dream (Frederick's boat) to build a new hard top for it, then fit the new parts for our windlass. So maybe another 10 days around Malaysia and we will be on our way to Thailand with a top boat to try and do some charter work and top up the depleted coffers.

For me, well, I am a very happy and proud writer of our first published article in NZ! The December Issue of Boating New Zealand Magazine has a 9 page spread on us! I haven't seen it yet and would love to hear your feed back!

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