Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas in Thailand

Long time I know... but we made it to Thailand in grand style - sailing at over 8 knots peaking at 10.2 knots - covering the entire boat in a nice crust of salt. For the first time Russ didn't mind the salt and enjoyed the sail. It wasn't very pleasant as it was mostly up wind and with a short chop but still... anything that makes the captain smile is good I guess. Thailand is a very different place during the NE Moonson, we totally missed it when we arrived here last march so didn't have an idea of the pleasure it is. Constant breeze & lovely temperatures, now we know what the fuss was about!

We had Christmas in Nai Harn in company of some friends from other boats. We had a meal onboard of Moonwlaker then had a dance ashore then back to the boat for dessert and presies! Santa Klaus brought a nice mini dvd player with a 7 inch screen that we can charge on 12 volt saving us some power... life onboard... a bit of a squeeze to watch movies but still...

Now we are in Ko Lanta for New Years to escape the crowds (that are not too bad thanks to the invasion/protest of the airport in Bangkok and the world crisis) and will hang around this area for a wee while.

Cheers to 2009. BRING IT ON!

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