Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New phase new look

And so we finish our Krabi phase... and the beginning of a new time deserves a new look, and here it is! To my surprise Russ didn't freak as much as you would think. I guess he was trying to be nice... I am stoked. Love it so no words if you think otherwise! : )

Anyhow, off to Phuket tomorrow, much lighter with less hair but with a fat wallet. Two new solar panels on the way! Yeah! We have a very busy month ahead of us with plenty of shopping (for the boat obviously) to do and setting up for the long journey ahead. We will be covering in the next 6 months about the same distance we did in the last 3 years!!! Holly Molly!

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MBAS said...

Hello, my name is Max Ross and my father built Moonwalker. We saw your article in the New Zealand boating magazine and it bought up a lot of memories. You are doing great things with the boat. I'd like to write more and may be able to dig up some construction pictures also. Can you email me at max AT aoteatech DOT com please.