Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cabedelo to Tobago

So much happens when you are on the move... since my last post it feels like an year has passed by and not a month!

We carried on up the coast with the ever lasting hope that the seas would be gentle on us and especially Brisa. No way Jose... only when we got around the top and started heading northwest that the seas gave us a break. But we stopped a long the way and broke the trip nicely for Brisa and all onboard.

Cabedelo was good for resting and stocking up. Not much of a city really, but met some lovely people and get most things organized, including patching the code zero which was poked after the Atlantic crossing. Brisa enjoyed the little pool that Phillipe provided at his marina. We stayed at anchor but payed to use the facilities for a week. We explored a bit, even managed to go to the local shopping mall, which was nice and made plenty of contacts whom we are now seeing again here in the Caribbean.

Cabedelo to Natal was a quick passage, windy and with a hairy harbour entrance but once again well worth the stop. Only 3 days to rest, enjoy the local pool (again... we all have wrinkly fingers contantly as Bri just loves  it) and Russ made up his mind to finally put the new main up - yes we have been carring the new one for 8 months for godness sake!!! We donated the old one to another catamaran at the marina, the owner Luiz was beside himself with happiness! So I guess our main found a good home, she deserves it for sure.

Natal to Fortaleza was a great passage after we went around the corner of Brazil into "Caribbean waters". The marina in Fortaleza was shit but the manager was lovely and so was the facilities of the hotel, so it made up for the shitty pier. We ended up staying for 4 days. Fortaleza didn´t appealed to us at all. We felt quite insecure actually and didn´t venture much walking.

We left Fortaleza with good winds and in the company of a Brazilian boat called Maruja. Brisa was very taken with Hugo and Catarina, callling them both Vov├┤ constantly. We said our goodbyes and hoped to see them in Salut Islands. We didn´t know how things would pan out with Brisa if the seas were rough so we had a side plan with another anchorage in mind after 450 miles (of the 1100 we had to cover). But the trip was wonderfully uneventful and Moonwalker was on its elements with light constant trade winds. We covered the 1100 miles in just over 5 days.

Salut Isles were lovely, with a dreadful past as the infamous Pappilon Prison of Devil´s Island (which you arenot allowed to visit). We visited the other islands, were very welcomed by all, including the local policemen and the French Foreign Legion represententative whom invited us for a BBQ at his place.  No photos allowed though.

Brisa enjoyed the wild life and the chooks - she is adicted to her Cocoric├│ dvd which have 3 very friendly chooks. We left for Tobago after 5 days on the 10th of November and covered the next 600 miles 3.5 days  of all sorts of weather, many squalls on the convergence zone but a pleasant passage nonetheless. Brisa was a bit over it but was rewarded with beautiful mountains covered in lush rainforest, birds galore and clean waters when she woke up at the anchorage in Charloteville in the northeast of the island.

We have been in Tobago for over a week and are fully enjoying the laid back, still 3rd world feel of the place. People are as dark as the night with a smile to dazzle and blind you. Reasonable priced and with surf for Russ, reef and clean waters for Karin and plenty of sand and rocks to be thrown, chewed and kneeded at the beach for Brisa... so we are happy campers.


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