Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After 10 days of much work since my return from the USA, we got the boat ready and eventually our Pactor ready with the massive help from Robert and James from Duxbury, in Cape Town  - South Africa. They were great and very supportive.

So now we are about to pull up anchor and head to the Perlas Islands. From there its a puzzle, we will head towards Galapagos Islands but Ecuador is a strong candidate for a stop if Moonwalker real struggles with the current and winds and we are running low in fuel and water. Otherwise, if all goes well and we are looking fine, we might just as well continue all the way to Marquesas.

We are open to it all. I would rather just keep going but with the battle against the ITCZ, Humbolt Current and all sorts of other hazards its hard to make too much of a plan so we might as well go with the flow.

Brisa has a stock of new toys for each day of the future crossing (25 toys, 25 days is my very optmistic calculation) and will probably be spoiled rotten by the time we get anywhere but its well worth it as I believe she will provide the biggest challenge for us, by having to be entertained. She has been such a trooper so far though.

The captain is beside himself trying to get away from the big smoke and considering the challenges of the last few days she is fairly calm (a bit like a contained calmness ready to explode but reasonably calm nonetheless), so he is very relieved to have all sorted. He has a huge challenge ahead of him but once we get to the trade winds by Galapagos I believe we will be laughing all the way to Marquesas. We gotta think positive, the Pacific is hugely massive gigantic proportions making it fairly intimidating.

We got a lot of enternainment onboard with many games on our brand new tablet with films and a new dvd player. Plus tons of books. Fishing should be fun too.

Wish us luck and drop us a line on Sailmail when you guys can, we miss everyone and crossings can be quite lonely affairs so emails always bring a nice smile to our boring crossing days.

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