Thursday, 26 December 2013

Over a year on land...

After a year on land, with Moonwalker out of the water for almost 5 months and a new crew member waiting to come onboard (Ilha Maria Carlyon DOB 24/09/2013) we are finally floating again....

We should have our mast up again in the next few days and hopefully be able to cruise for a wee while before getting this year started and all the new projects we have planned.

Its all very promising with the Offshore Cruising Tenders already in motion but no prototype to show as of yet, we will keep you all informed.

Moonwalker will be on the market this new year and ready to go for a good home. I am looking forward and dreading the day she goes... such a mixed bag of feelings.

Russ has done a marvelous job repainting hulls and deck, logos are updated and color scheme a bit changed but very very classy.

Final touches will be done before we do the full photo shoot but here is a few recent photos.

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014 - BRING IT ON!!!

Hauling Out 

Moonwalker's tent! 

Getting ready to get back in the water, tent is gone...

Beauty... Russ you are amazing... 

Going back in the water, check this truck guys, its amazing!

Just love this shot, had to share....


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