Friday, 4 June 2010

Update from Paihia

Time just flies! We have caught up with pretty much everyone by now therefore the lack of news on the blog... sorry!
But for the friends far and wide we are alive and kicking, and very much living the crazy life as usual.

Russ is back from his two deliveries to and from the Maldives on Naos and is now helping a friend paint his boat. I have been trying to organize baby arrival plus our wedding with different levels of success. I guess most things we will have to be organized closer to time so no much point dwelling on it now.

Baby is still 2 weeks away, believe it or not, such a drag these last few weeks! But all couldn't be going better. I feel pretty good, still fairly active and curious as hell about what is coming. Russ and I attended ante natal classes and that was, how to put it mildly... an eye opener? Enlightening? You get my gist.

But the big news by far now is the return of the Beachhouse into the family! Jan has bought beachhouse back in partnership with our old manager Blair Glentworth, so the entire family is out there working hard to have the place shipshape for a successful reopening on the 19th of June.

Unfortunately Beachhouse was in absolute shambles. The last owner (she bought the business from us and kindly financed Moonwalker) had the business taken from her by the receivers and Jan bought it from them. She hadn't cleaned the place in the last 4 years... is a miracle it was still up and running. But now with all the usual help of the community and extended family the place is going to look as good as before.

So you can imagine how life is with us trying to paint a boat, reopen a business, have a kid and organize a wedding all in the next 2 months... piece of cake! Oh well, as I keep saying, we have never done things the easy, normal way, why start now?

Moonwalker is still safely tucked away in Cape St Francis, getting gannets tangled and hanged from his mast... poor birdies! Thank Goodness we have friends looking after the boat! Otherwise we hear all is good, shame about the water restrictions in the area which forbid people from using hose to clean anything so you can imagine the amount of bird poo is accumulating on the deck...

Here are some recent photos: myself ala Demi Moore (minus make up and hair style) at the rocks in Waitangi with a 35week bump (8 months) and my baby shower at Tiff's house, she is a legend people... breasfeeding and entertaining 20 women and 8 kids... very impressed Tiff! Thanks a bunch for all your efforts!

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